Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a difficult juggling act for busy parents. Making time happen for fitness requires dedication and paying attention to detail. However, the commitment needed to make changes for a more healthy lifestyle does not have to be overwhelming.

When you surround yourself with helpful people and tools, you are more likely to be successful. Friends can come alongside you for support and encouragement. They can join you in parenting exercises that fit into your daily life without having to make a huge commitment to a gym membership.

Choosing health for you and your family also means making time happen for changes to your grocery and dining habits. Convenience foods are quick, but often they are so full or sodium, fat, and preservatives that they have little to no nutritional value. Shopping the outside aisles of the grocery store will yield the freshest and healthiest ingredients.

It will take time for these changes to happen. There is no need to try and adjust every unhealthy thing about your life at one time. In fact, that is a recipe for failure. Instead, make one change at a time. Stick to it for three weeks so it becomes a new, healthy habit. Then, make another change. Subtle changes are easier for families to digest as well.

Small changes may not have the same wow factor as Biggest Loser style transformations, but they will stick with you longer. Adding fitness, parenting exercises, and improving your diet can all be done gradually. Combine an offline support network with the best online tools and communities and you will have success.