A Simple, Stress-Free Guide to Infant Safety
With a new baby arriving soon, you may feel anxious about planning ahead for a baby-proof home. Although it'll be months before your little bundle starts crawling, you might be stressed over the whole Parenting Safety/ Newborn Safety/ Safe Homes checklist bouncing around in your head. You can relax. While you do need to prepare for your infant's safety, the good thing is it only takes a handful of steps to welcome your baby into a safe environment.

First, for car safety, use a rear-facing, easy-to-use infant seat that is designed for newborns through approximately 25 pounds. The seat should fit snugly around the baby and also fit securely in the vehicle. Never let your infant travel without being secured in a baby carrier.

Second, to avoid SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), the safest sleeping position for your newborn through one year of age is on the back. Make sure your infant's sleep space meets all safety standards and that the mattress is firm and the sheet fitted tightly. Your baby should not sleep with covers, pillows or stuffed animals. Place crib away from windows and blinds, so no cords are within baby's reach.

Third, have properly-working smoke alarms in the kitchen and in all sleeping areas of your home.

Fourth, prepare a medical kit which includes an infant thermometer, rubbing alcohol, petroleum jelly, a hot/cold pack, a baby nasal aspirator, and a baby fever reducer, such as infant acetaminophen.

Finally, to avoid choking hazards, make sure your baby does not suck on toys with small parts that could come loose. This is especially important if your baby has an older sibling who will be eager to share toys.

Now that wasn't so hard, was it? There's no need to be worried over a daunting Parenting Safety/ Newborn Safety/ Safe Homes checklist after all. As your newborn grows and becomes more active, you will need to take some more precautions to further protect your baby from harm. But for now, following this simple guide means you can welcome your infant home, safe and sound.